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Our team at MSA has more than 15 years of experience helping people from all over the world migrate to Australia (and even Canada!) We are based in Perth, Western Australia and with a second office in the Philippines – we are able to expand our international services!

MSA Immigration

We don’t focus on the volume of consultations, but rather on specialising in the attainment of student visas & migration to Australia with a personalised one-on-one approach.

Allows international students to pursue their studies in an Australian University of their choice.

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Reunites families by enabling sponsorship of a relative to migrate to Australia.

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Pathway to permanent residency for people with experience and qualifications.

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Success Rate

Our 98% success rate is not an accident. It is due to our team’s expertise and the level of time effort we put into each of our client’s applications.


24 Hours / 7 Days

Our online booking system is available to our clients 24 hours a day.


Office Locations

Our business is based in Perth, Western Australia and also in Manila, Philippines.

The general management responsibilities for MSA Immigration Australia rests with the company’s Directors: Mrs. Christmarie Tentia and Mr. Adam Davies.

Principal and Director:   Christmarie Tentia is an Australian Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1799650), PIER Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (T665) and an IT Management Professional. She brings to the company a wealth of experience and unique insights from the IT sector and Australian Migration Law.  She completed Postgraduate Degree in Australian Migration Law and Practice at Murdoch University. She holds a Master of Science in Information Systems Degree and Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from University of the Philippines. She permanently migrated to Australia from the Philippines as a skilled professional under the General Skilled Migration Stream in 2011. Hence, she has first-hand experience on the challenges of obtaining an Australian visa and migrating to a foreign country.

Director:  Mr. Adam Davies started his career in the construction industry before moving into the business arena, he is currently the owner of a mid to large Integrated Hygiene business that employs over 250 people based in Perth Western Australia. He also is a director in various other businesses. With this background and experience he brings a wealth of knowledge and support to the team at MSA Immigration Australia.

Operations Manager: Cecil Aguila has been in the education industry for since 2018, managing multiple destinations but with greater focus on the UK and Australian markets.
She started her career in pharmaceutical sales and has spent more time in sales as a manager before shifting to operations and general management in the healthcare industry and finally going to International education, where she is now.
She is a licensed professional dentist from the University of the East Manila. However, that has taken a back seat as she loves corporate work and the business side of it more than the clinical practice.
Sales and Marketing Manager: Roel Sibayan, took his bachelor’s degree in advertising communication and Master of Arts (MA) in Fine Arts & Design in Philippine Women’s University Manila, and currently finishing his master’s in business administration (MBA) in the Philippine Christian University, Manila campus. He has more than 20 years’ work-experience as a sales and marketing manager in various industries such as airline companies, travel agencies, school or academe institutions, FMCG retail chain, investment insurance company and in the medical & healthcare industry. He met and worked closely with different key people in those organizations and traveled to many cities and regions in the Philippines, as well as in some Asian countries for business purposes. His management role led him to be exposed & involved in different events & activities and collaborated or partnered with some key people. 

Client Relations Officer:  Mhai Nocon has been in the sales and marketing industry for almost a decade with a solid background in handling residential and commercial appliances and equipment up to pharmaceutical products in the Philippines. She recently became an Admin Officer in facilitating the Chinese Community engaged in Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators. Being involved with the Sales & Operations, Ms. Nocon led and supervised her team to deliver exceptional performances and managed business expectations. With her experiences and passion, she will be able to set the standards high and aim for MSA Immigration’s success through dedication and collaborative effort.

Documentation & Visa Processing Specialist:  Karen Cortina is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines, Adamson University. She is a happy-go-lucky person and when she graduated, she ended up in this industry because she wanted to try it for “no profound reason”. Time passed, and she fell in love with this job at MSA! It is overwhelming when people express their gratitude for helping them with the future they dreamed of. Her goal is to help many aspiring students achieve their dreams of providing their families and loved ones with a comfortable life. “The little I can learn each day will be a significant result someday.”

Client Relations Officer:  Maureen Nocon is a Business Administration graduate, former OFW with experience in various fields of work. She can work in a team, has a can-do attitude, strong work ethic and determination to succeed. She found her interest in assisting future International Students to achieve their dreams when she became part of MSA Immigration PH team. 

Client Relations Officer:  Kevin Harris Doria is a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Technology and Livelihood Education graduate from Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus. He is a Youth and Sectoral Advocate in his community. He is also an Educator by profession, and he loves teaching and helping others. Mr Doria finds his mission at MSA Immigration, which is to help the aspirant international students to achieve their goals; he brings his exceptional talent to the company to guide every student, with his passion and guidance to help others every international student will be successful someday.

MSA Immigration

We are a team of Immigration experts, passionate about helping You achieve your dreams.

The start of your Australian journey begins with MSA! We approach every individual client with respect and provide tailor-made pathways that are unique to your situation.

Client Testimonials

Working with MSA Immigration Australia (particularly Christmarie) has been such a delightful experience. The quality of service they provided exceeded my needs and expectations. They are authentic with what they do, honest with what they say, and organised with how they work. They are meticulous, structured, well-informed, and really down-to-earth. You wouldn’t feel intimidated to be working with them. I am so grateful for the work they have done for me

Kevin D.

MSA IMMIGRATION has been very helpful to me. My agent, Christmarie Tentia had been guiding me along the process especially since I’ve been extremely busy with work handovers, and she’s been very patient in answering all my questions. Despite the short timeline that we have, they worked efficiently and effectively to ensure that all my documents are complete. They made me feel confident and secure that all documents will go through with the way they work with me and the depth of their knowledge in this kind of visa processing. I am glad and thankful for MSA Immigration, especially for my agent who helped me through this stressful process and assisted me in receiving my student visa in a very quick turnaround. I highly recommend MSA Immigration.

Maila P.

I was super amazed on how quickly MSA Immigration processed my visa application. I am very grateful for their hands-on approach in the processing of my visa and they were really helpful, approachable, and transparent throughout. I am very thankful to Ms. Reyna and Ms. Marie and the whole team of MSA Immigration and I highly recommend them!

Joyce M.

Thank you very much for all your help last year.

You were instrumental in advancing my Australian PR application & taking it to a progress more than I ever did on my own!

May you continue to remain inspired in helping other people fulfil their aspiration of building a life in Aus.

Celeste O.

My husband and I could not have been any more blessed than to have had MSA Immigration Australia help us out on our journey when we decided to migrate to Australia. Having Christmarie from MSA at the very beginning allowed us to go through the whole visa process with ease. Her enthusiasm and attention to details were second to none.

Isabel O.

We love that MSA has efficient, helpful, patient and knowledgeable consultants. 

The visa of my mother was granted so fast, thank you Christmarie and MSA Immigration Australia. Highly recommended. 5 Stars!

Mary Lou M.

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MSA Immigration Australia takes great pride in establishing long-lasting relationships and gaining accreditations with quality service providers.